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What I learn when i play outside?????? Posted On

There are many benefits of learning when explore our natural environment. Being outside allows the children to express themselves more confidently and expressively using the space and environment. 

The sense of freedom playing outdoors brings is brilliant for a child’s development, both physically and mentally.

The importance of outside play in early years can’t be underestimated.

The children can fill their lungs with clean air and use all their sense to appreciate the colours, different noises, sense of space and of scale around them. Being outdoors helps with confidence and gives opportunities for large play scale, problem solving and creativity with their peers.

Resources don’t need to be expensive. Old tyres, some logs and crates will stimulate imagination and can be used in a number of ways.  A sheet can become a den. Flower pots and hanging baskets and a ‘wild area’ give contact with the natural world.  The outdoors supports active learning and when balanced with quiet areas for reflection can really enhance children’s learning.

Encourages an Active Lifestyle:

Children who learn to play outdoors are much more likely to enjoy the outdoor activities such as walking, running, cycling as they get older. Given the number of gadgets and new technology available to us all, outdoor play is an extremely important factor in combating an increasingly inactive lifestyle.

Appreciation of Nature and the Environment

Learning in an outdoor environment allows children to interact with the elements around us and helps them to gain an understanding of the world we live in. They can experience animals in their own surroundings and learn about their habitats and life-cycles.

Develops Social Skills

Indoor spaces can often feel overcrowded to children and naturally, they may feel intimated in this type of environment. More space outdoors can help children to join in and ‘come out of their shells’. Giving children outdoor learning experiences offers them a chance to talk about what they have done with their friends, teachers and parents.

Encourages Independence

The extra space offered by being outdoors will give children the sense of freedom to make discoveries by themselves. They can develop their own ideas or create games and activities to take part in with their friends without feeling like they’re being directly supervised. They’ll begin to understand what they can do by themselves and develop a ‘can do‘ attitude, which will act as a solid foundation for future learning.

Understanding Risk

Being outdoors provides children with more opportunities to experience risk-taking. They have the chance to take part in tasks on a much bigger scale and complete them in ways they might not when they’re indoors. They can learn to make calculated decisions such as ‘should I jump off this log?’ or ‘can I climb this tree?’