Our Nursery Team

Our friendly staff team build a strong relationship with the children in our care and to ensure a smooth transition with the local schools, we aim to make links with the local schools in the area which enable the staff and school teacher to provide a continuity for the child’s care and learning.

The quality of staff is utmost importance as staff play a key role in providing outstanding care and education to each individual child. Therefore we have a robust system in place to ensure that staff are adequate skilled for the role. Their qualification and reference are thoroughly checked, a DBS check is conducted along with an assessment of their ability during their induction period.

We carry out Staff Performance Reviews through Supervision and Appraisals regularly to support staff in developing their skills and also discuss any concerns they may have regarding their role or child’s progress. 

At Cheeky Monkey’s Day Nursery, we comply with the regulation set by Ofsted.

Every Child is allocated with a Key Person who is responsible for the care and progress of the child’s development throughout their time at Cheeky Monkey’s Day Nursery. All base staff will liaise with the parents each day and provide an updated feedback on their child’s progress and also have regular meeting with the parents to discuss their child’s progress in detail.