Our Routine

Cheeky Monkey’s Day Nursery believes that children need stability and a routine to feel safe and secure.  We ensure that the children’s day at Cheeky Monkey’s Day Nursery is a fun filled day with a range of learning opportunities for every individual child.

Children are given a variety opportunities both during their indoor play, outdoor play and during meal times.


This is an important time of the day as children are arriving into the nursery and settling in to have breakfast. During breakfast, some children may need more support in separating from their parents. We offer the children a choice of two cereal and children are encouraged to sit together during breakfast as this a perfect opportunity for children to socialise with their peers. This gives a reassurance to parents that the children are happy and ready to start their day with their friends and have fun.

Morning Activities:

Following breakfast, the children will start their day with a small circle time so children can share what activities they would like to take part in. There will be many activity stations and areas for children to independently choose what activities they would like to play with.

From creative play activities construction play to role play area and story areas, there are many areas which will keep all children busy.

The nursery follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum to ensure that all children fulfil their full potential in the learning and development.

All children will get opportunities to go into a lovely garden once in the morning and once in the afternoon. We give the children every opportunity to progress and learn both within the nursery setting (indoor environment) and our outdoor environment (garden or outing).

Snack Time:

The children will be offered a light snack such as a choice of fruit and choice of Milk or water. The children will have a rolling snack time from 10.00am-10.30am which gives them the responsibility to make their decision to partake in a small social mealtime experience. Children are encouraged to choose and cut up their fruits and vegetable (soft fruits/vegetables).


A home-made vegetarian lunch is offered to the children and is served at 12.00pm and all children and staff will sit together at the tables in key person groups.            


The main course is always served with vegetable to ensure that all children are getting their vitamins and minerals in their diet. Often some vegetables may be hidden in some dishes to ensure even fussy eaters are getting their vitamins that they need. Cheeky Monkey’s Day Nursery does not use Onion, Garlic, Meat and Eggs within the setting.

The children are served with a pudding after their lunch. Cheeky Monkey’s Day Nursery will not use added sugar, added salt and is nut free to cater for allergies.

This is a great opportunity for children and staff to socialise whilst they are eating and practitioners such as the use of please, and thank you and support children in using knife and fork. The children are encouraged to serve their own lunch, pour their own drink.

Rest Time:

Children need to be able to rest or sleep when they’ve have had an exhausting, fun time at nursery. This is the time for them to recharge. Our Toddlers room will use this time to have a nap whereas our pre-schooler will have a quiet rest time and then they will enjoy quieter activities. The children will be provided with a sleep mat, bedsheet and blanket.

Afternoon Activities

The activities are planned carefully and keeping a balance in structured play and child – initiated play. We encourage all children to have fun and continue being stimulated regardless of age.


At 3.30pm the children will sit down to have their Tea served with a pudding. This will be lighter meal than the lunch but just as healthy and delicious.

Home Time

So that you don’t miss out on what your child has enjoyed during their day, parents are given a daily diary via email with activities they have enjoyed, the meals they had eaten and when they had a nap. We welcome parents to use this time to talk to use this time to talk with their key person. Parents are encouraged to regular book meeting with your child’s key person to look over their learning journey portfolio.