COVID – 19


Coronavirus disease (COVID- 19) is an infectious disease which is caused by a newly discovered Coronavirus.  

The best way to prevent and slow down transmission is to be well informed about the COVID-19 virus, the disease it causes, and how it spreads. Protect yourself and others from infection by washing your hands or using an alcohol-based antibacterial gel frequently and by not touching your face. 

The COVID-19 virus spreads primarily through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes, so it’s important that you also practice respiratory etiquette (for example, by coughing into a flexed elbow).

It is important that everyone follows the latest Government guidelines on Coronavirus. At Cheeky Monkey’s Day Nursery, we have Safety procedures in place cater to the current guidance advised by the Department of Education specifically for the Early Years Sector.

We continue to adapt our everyday practices to ensure safety for the staff and children at the nursery. The key elements to prevent and control the infection are adequate hygiene and social distancing. If any symptoms are displayed, families MUST be alert and self- isolate for the safety of everyone.

Covid-19 appears to affect young children less frequently with less severity. Children’s role in its transmission is unclear but it seems that it is not significant.

At Cheeky Monkey’s Day Nursery, the children’s safety and wellbeing stay at the heart of the nursery and we will do everything we can, to be honest, and open to communicate with you. This has been a difficult time for everyone, and the impact of the lockdown has caused many changes in everyone’s life including the children. We acknowledge that it is OK to feel worried and anxious and at Cheeky Monkey’s Day Nursery, we have created a safe atmosphere with minimal changes to keep some stability for the children.

Everyone involved in the day to day running of the nurseries will receive appropriate instruction and training on how to carry out daily Safety procedures for the COVID 19.

We aim to work in partnership with parents and trust that everyone understands and follows our new COVID -19 procedures.

The Key values of these procedures are:

  1. Any child, staff member or parent, or visitor with Coronavirus symptoms must NOT attend the nursery and they are required to self-isolate at home.
  2. We have increased our cleaning process throughout and at the end of the day.
  3. Any child, staff member, parent, or visitor will have their temperatures checked before they enter the building.
  4. Any child, staff member, parent, and the visitor will be required to use the antibacterial hand sanitiser to clean their hands
  5. Any parent and visitor entering the building must wear a face mask when entering the building.
  6. The nursery will only permit two parents in the building at any one time to avoid too many people in the building and we will not be giving lengthy handover. The nursery has informed all parents that they can contact the nursery for a detailed handover, or an email handover should they require.
  7. Parents are not to enter the nursery space; the staff member will bring the child(ren) to the main entrance unless this is explicitly arranged by the Nursey Manager (e.g. in an event of a child being distressed, settling process).
  8. Parents will wear masks during drop off and collection at nursery.



Children and staff are welcome to attend nursery but must not be displaying any coronavirus symptoms, the most common being a new continuous cough, a high temperature, or a loss of taste and smell. There is some suggestion that a rash or sickness and diarrhea can also be a symptom. It is important that you seek medical advice if you are unsure.

It is important that children do not attend nursery if unwell for their own wellbeing and for the safety of others. Children will not be accepted to the nursery if they have been given Calpol or any other medication that can mask fever symptoms, at parents’ discretion, after 4 am on their day of attendance (after 9 am for children with afternoon bookings).

Anyone is experiencing any symptoms; they cannot return to nursery until they have completed the required isolation period and be symptom-free or have achieved a negative test result (proof will be required). Prompt exclusion is essential to preventing the spread of infection. Children and staff who are classed as clinically vulnerable should follow their medical advice before attending nursery.

It is advisable that your child only attends one setting to avoid mixing with different groups of children. Please speak with the Nursery Manager if this is going to be a problem or to make them aware that this is the case.


Drop off and Collection of Children

Parents are asked to drop off and collect their children by the main entrance door and not to enter the main nursery space. Whilst parents are waiting, it is important to maintain social distancing by keeping a distance of two metres apart. It is preferable if only one parent carries out drop off and collection. Parents are requested to wear masks and handovers are predominately going to be brief to avoid parents staying in the nursery for a longer period.

Parents will be asked to keep the two-metre distance outdoors and to stand on the floor markings.


Temperature and Symptom Monitoring

Parents and Staff should follow the NHS guidelines regarding isolation and testing criteria.

We are aware that we are now entering the colder, winter months and that young children will get temperatures. Parents will be advised to get a COVID-19 test done to ensure the safety of children, staff, families, and visitors who are attending the nursery.

Staff members will monitor the children in their care and will make reasonable judgments on whether a family is advised to undergo testing. We ask that families do the same and monitor their children’s wellness, making the decision if they need to isolate, undergo testing, or are well enough to attend a nursery setting. If a child has a dry cough or persistent temperature (over 24 hours) accompanied by flu or cold symptoms they will still be asked to book a coronavirus test.

Children who have asthma or other breathing-related difficulties should be known to nursery staff and can attend nursery as usual with their medical plans in place.

If a child needs a routine medical appointment, we are asking parents that wherever possible this is booked on a non-nursery day or at the end of the child’s session. If this is unavoidable the child will be allowed to return to the nursery after the appointment, provided they are fit and well in themselves.



It is better not to share transport and to travel by car, bike or walk. Face coverings have been advised by the Government for the use of public transport.

If you travel internationally or to an area of the UK under local COVID restrictions, and are displaying symptoms, then you must be tested and have a negative result before returning to nursery. This is to ensure every possible protection factor is in place for the staff and the children in our care. While we understand the practicality of this may seem difficult for some, however, we have a duty of care for all children, staff, and visitors.

If you have traveled to a country or area of the UK under local COVID restrictions and do not have any symptoms then you must check if you need to quarantine for 14 days after your arrival back home.


Social Distancing.

It is exceedingly difficult to avoid a level of physical interaction with young children and it is important to have their well-being at the centre of everything we do. If a child needs a hug, then it would not be fair to deny this to them. To help with social distancing, the children will be grouped in small groups (a bubble) with a practitioner and this group will work alongside a buddy group to ensure that an adult is always available.



Children will continuously be washing their hands before, after their meal, and throughout the day. Children will remain to eat in the rooms and the staff will serve the food to the children. The food will not be eaten out of a shared platter or containers.



We understand that this is an unusual and worrying time for everyone. It is important that we show awareness of the safety measures for COVID 19, but we do not forget that care and consideration must be taken to ensure that everyone feels safe and secure.


Settling in Sessions/transitions

Parents may enter the nursery for the purpose of settling-in sessions. The Manager will give further guidance on the day. Parents are advised to keep their face covering on during the session. 



Visitors are invited to the nursery; however, they will be scheduled at the quietest part of the day such as the end of the day. They will be required to have their temperature checked and MUST have their Face Covering. Interviews or meetings will be conducted via video conference.

Prospective parents should make use of the nursery website for information, photos of activities, about the nursery. Nursery tours will take place at the quietest part of the day.  The Nursery Manager will be able to give you all the information you require.


Health and Safety

It is important that hygiene and cleanliness are kept as top importance as this has shown a significant reduction in the spread and transmission of the virus. The windows in the nursery space will be kept open in the day to ensure fresh air is being circulated in the building.

We have a cleaning schedule in place throughout and at the end of the day to ensure everything is cleaned by the end of the day.

The rate of handwashing must be significantly increased. Everyone, including children, must wash their hands on arrival at nursery. If no washbasins are available, sanitiser will be available. There will be regular opportunities for handwashing throughout the day.


The children will be supported in age-appropriate ways to understand the steps they can take to keep themselves and others safe and this includes sneezing into a tissue (or their arm if immediate) and then to dispose of the tissue in the bin and wash their hands. The children will be taken to the toilets and supervised. Hand washing signs are displayed to show the children how to clean their hands thoroughly and the practitioners will talk to the children about why we are washing our hands.

All staff and children should wear clean clothes every day. If you have traveled on public transport, you must change your clothing on arrival at the nursery. Children should bring one bag with changes of clothing to last their weekly booking pattern and take it home with them at the end of the week.

All risk assessments will reflect the risk of transmission of COVID-19. Certain activities will be adapted or removed to reflect this risk. The Risk assessment is shared with all parents in the nursery.

If your child requires a comforter e.g. soft toy or blanket, please bring it in a bag and then take home at the end of the day and wash it. We would prefer no toys or comforters to be brought into the nursery but do understand that this could cause distress.

Toys and resources that are difficult to clean will be removed, including cushions and soft toys.  The children will only share toys and activities within their groups. We will aim to sanitise items at the end of each day.


What to do if a person displays symptoms of COVID-19: A CHILD

If a child is suspected of displaying coronavirus symptoms whilst attending the nursery, they should be collected as soon as possible and isolate at home in line with NHS guidance. The child must be tested before they return.

Whilst waiting to be collected, they will be isolated from others in a designated area. An employee will stay with them and will wear PPE.

If the child becomes very unwell, we will follow our normal emergency procedures and call 999. The isolation area will be cleaned once the child has been collected.


What to do if a person displays symptoms of COVID-19: A STAFF

In the event of an employee developing coronavirus symptoms whilst at work, they will leave work as soon as possible and isolate at home in line with NHS guidance. They will be required to have a test before they return.


Reporting, testing, and tracing

Everyone is now eligible for a COVID-19 test, should they display coronavirus symptoms.

Any suspected or confirmed case must be reported to the Nursery Manager as soon as possible. If a positive result is confirmed, the practitioners and children associated with that group/bubble must self-isolate for 14 days before returning to the nursery. Positive tests will be reported to the National Institute for Health Protection and Ofsted by the Nursery Manager.

The Nursery Manager is responsible for contacting the National Institute for Health Protection if a case is confirmed or if an asymptomatic person is admitted to the hospital.

If someone in your household, or someone you have close contact with, is contacted by track and trace and told they have been in contact with someone who has tested positive, you need to be tested. If they test positive, then you will also need to self-isolate for 14 days even if you do not test positive yourself.

The Government’s tracing app is a way of helping to protect everyone.